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Prakat (HMPK)

Half Moon Prakat (HMPK) is the most popular breed of Betta available in the market. Generally referred to as Prakat because it’s the closest breed from the original species.

Prakat (HMPK) has smaller fins compared to other hybrid bettas (except for wild bettas) and is known to be the easiest to pet because they are strong in stress and environment changes.

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Halfmoon betta has a tail fin that spreads wider than 180 degree when it flares.

As you can see in the photo, halfmoon betta has larger fins compared to HMPK.

They are not very good swimmers so it’s important to keep the water flow low.

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Crowntail has a fin that looks like a crown. If the fins are smaller, it’s called crowntail prakat, and if the edge of the fins are split into Y shapes it’s called “King Crowntail”

You may not see Crowntail bettas in local pet stores because it’s somewhat off the mainstream. But it is definitely as beautiful as other bettas.

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Dumbo because the ears look like Disney elephants, and it swims like one too!

It’s generally accepted if the length of the pectoral fin is larger than 50% of body length called “Dumbo” if it’s less called “Big Ear”

Elegant and calm betta species, you can find Dumbo Prakat or Dumbo Halfmoon hybrid types as well.

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Wild betta is the original species, there are more than 50 different types of “wild” original bettas, and more hybrids are born everyday.

It has smaller fins compared to all the hybrid bettas but it has unique body scale colors and stripes covering the whole body.

Fascinatingly exotic betta.

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Nemo generally refers to betta having orange, yellow and red color on the body.

It’s often referred to as Koi when it has black, white and red color.

Marble colors are rare for freshwater fish, which first mated successfully in 2016 and created a huge buzz in the community.

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Nemo Galaxy

Nemo Galaxy is the specific type of Nemo that has a shiny blue color on the body.

When betta has black, white, red and shiny blue it can be called Koi Galaxy

It’s simply a beautiful piece of artwork raising popularity in the market.

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Dragon is a relatively new type which has unique accentuated scales, it looks almost like a armer.

Body color could be white or more goldish white, copper or any solid colors

It’s popularity boosted breeders focus on developing new species, and we now have a wide range of dragon betta in the market.

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Black Samurai

Black Samurai is one color type of dragon betta, which has black and white (or gold-ish white, silver, copper) body and fins.

We can safely say successful development Black Samurai created one of the biggest buzz in the betta industry.

Fine masterpiece of dragon type species.

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Avatar betta breathtaking beautiful neon-ish color just like world from the movie Avatar.

It’s one of the most difficult types to develop and maintain the best color solidness and balance of the separated colored scales.

There are blue, turquoise, copper(gold-ish white) and red available in the market

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Alien because it looks like, well Alien! It’s a hybrid of wild betta and has stunning metallic scales and stripes.

There are green, blue, copper, red and a lot more types actively getting developed.

Price for the rare type could skyrocket.

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