Betta (b7467) Plakat 1Male

Betta (b7467) Plakat 1Male




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Gender: Male

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*No color enhancement filters applied to the footage, recorded under white led lights.

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Note to next owner

Hi! I’m Mello, looking after Bettas at Zeroaqua!

Betta is fed with protein rich pallets 2 times/day, 5 times/week (eats well!) and bloodworms 1 time/week as snack. No food on Sunday to improve intestinal environment. (No chemicals used to boost the growth)

Water is changed daily, saline concentration is kept to 0.2% ~ 0.4% and organic almond (umbrella) leaf is added to help betta stay as comfortable as possible.

We open up the blinds once a day for about 10~15 min to let Bettas flare up and exercise.

*We raise betta with lots of care and love, Please do not purchase if you cant be responsible for animal lives.

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