Complete Suma Guide – Benefits for Betta Explained

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Want to know which Suma product is best for your betta?

You may have heard about Suma products, but have no idea what benefits each of Suma product gives. Right?

It can be confusing for those who don’t speak Thai as they are a lot of products. Different formula serves different purpose.

Sometimes, illness can come to your betta. When they do, it’s better for you to know which treatment to use.

Even better, to foreseen the problems and prevent it before it happens!

In this article, we will discuss about benefits from each Suma formula and how to use it.

We categorize Suma products as per their benefits as

  • Treatment
  • Improvement
  • Food Supplement


Suma Betta Strong Trail (Red Cap)

Extracted from soil and water glass, is used to treat fin rot in bettas as well as lazy and inactive behaviours.

This Suma formula will make your bettas feel alive again in no time!

Also, many breeders use this as a secret treatment before betta competitions or shows because it makes the betta lively and energetic.

By giving one full cap of the medicine before the show, it will help your betta swim elegantly showing everyone its beauty.

Instruction :

  • For treatment purpose use 1 cap of Suma Betta Strong Trail for 30′ tank
  • For prevention purpose use 1/4 cap of this product for 30′ tank

Suma Bacteria and Fungus (Green Cap)

Natural extracted. This is a cure when your bettas get cut or have any wound.

The medicine is used to prevent infection in your bettas. It helps the fish fight off bacteria, kill germs and heal faster.

Other than that, with its benefit in fighting off bacteria, the medicine can prevent your fish from Dropsy or Bloat.

Instruction :

  • For treatment purpose use 1 cap per 30″ tank
  • For prevention purpose use 1/4 cap per 30″ tank

Suma Snow (Black Cap)

This product can be used for White spot or Ich on betta treatment.

If you find white spots cover on your betta and the betta won’t move or eat, but still alive, it might be because of bacterial infection and fungus problems.

If no other complications, this formula is right for you.

Using Suma Snow, the fish will gets betta in 12 – 24 hours.

Instruction :

  • For treatment : 1 drop per water  1 litre.
  • For prevention : 1 drop per water 2 litres.
  • Change water every 3-5 days.

Suma White Spot and Ich (Yellow Cap)

This formula is for treating white spot on betta fish directly.

With the concentrate medicine, bettas will get better faster.

Instruction :

  • 2 drops per water 1 litre

Suma Yellow Liquid (Purple Cap)

This formula is developed for Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS) treatment.

It contains substance to fight bacteria and fungus. Also, it helps wound heal faster.

Instruction :

  • 2 drops per water 1 litre , Change water every 3-4 days.

Suma Dream

Is served as a sleeping pill for bettas.

It is used to limit the fish movement when veterinarian perform operation treatment or when long transportation required.

The liquid will put bettas into half-sleep, make them stumped and puzzled.

Instruction :

  • 1 drop per water 1 litre

Suma Detox Bio

Is herbs extract to treat bloating, swelling, food poisoning and water polluting.

It helps prevent bacteria in the aquarium, swim bladder disease, dropsy as well as cloudy water.

Instruction :

  • For treatment : 1 gram per water 5 litres.
  • For prevention : 1 gram per water 50 litres


Suma Blade (Light Blue Cap)

A solution for bettas more vivid, solid colour.

If you want to bring out the best colour of your bettas from the inside out, this Suma blande is what you are looking for.

Instruction :

  • Mix Suma Blade 2-3 drops / Water 1 litre in the betta tank.

Suma Betta Strong Scale

Is a natural extract enriched with vitamins and minerals used to strengthen your betta scales.

It helps preventing infection from external causes such as  infection from fresh food. It boosts the balance for the water.

When use, betta scales may be more solid.

Instruction :

  • Use 1cap / water 4-5 litres for every 5-7 days. Continue using the product to maintain the good quality of the water.

Suma Hiro Aqua

A formula to use for better quality of the water. It will turn your tap water to the water that suitable for betta fish.

Suma Hiro Aqua is rich in essential minerals which can help protecting betta from shredded fins and tails

Instruction :

  • 1 drop per water 1 litre

Suma Weather (Blue Cap)

Worried about the rapid change in the tank temperature? Cold water can be harmful to your bettas.

Suma Weather Good Fill For Betta Is used to keep the betta alive from temperature drop whether from raining, AC or water changing.

The product, to its benefit, will warm up the water temperature to survivable for bettas.

Instruction :

  • Mix the Suma weather 1 cc to water 1 litre.

Suma Tannin (White Cap)

Some breeder may put Indian almond or Malaba leaves in their betta tank. Alternatively, they can use Suma Tannin.

With this formula, concentrated tannin will help to kill bacteria and prevent infection.

It boosts betta immune system, retains water balance as well as help the fish create bubble nest better.

Instruction :

  • 2 drops per water 1 litre

Food Supplement

Suma Full Enhance Scale

A food that contains shrimp as primary ingredient with additional Zinc and magenesium which are essential for brightening betta colour.

If you are preparing the betta for competitions or shows, this is the one for you.

Nutrition Facts :

  • Protein 54 / Fat Min 6% / Fiber 1 / Vitamin E,C > 1,000 mg / Omega 890 ppm


Suma benefits are various depending on each product. Different formula is developed to serve different purpose.

They are providing betta raisers treatment, improvement and food supplement solutions. Your problems when raising bettas can be solved with Suma products.


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