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What is the PearlSurface™ 24G9 exactly?

A great question we get asked all the time. First off, it’s a one of a kind, there is no other device like it available anywhere currently and we can say confidently it’s the finest engineered decontamination device in the world and its Made in America, something were especially proud of.

PearlSurface™ 24G9 was conceived by the engineering team at Aquisense Technologies in Erlanger, Kentucky back in March of 2020 as COVID-19 was spreading around the world and the CEO of Aquisense Oliver Lawal had just in fact returned from a business trip overseas where he contracted the virus.

We’d had a conference call to discuss the roll out of our very first joint release consumer UVC LED product, the ZeroaAqua Source, the worlds first residential whole home water disinfection device, in late February where we had discussed all the work that had gone on over the previous 8 months since the summer of 2019 to bring the Source to market and had discussed what possibilities we could deliver the marketplace to be of assistance in the COVID pandemic.

Aquisense Technologies has been manufacturing and delivering the finest UVC LED disinfection technologies for surface, air and water since 2018 to great success and acclaim in the aerospace, food and medical packaging and water sectors that when they put their mind to it, a prototype of the PearlSurface™ 24G9 was ready within days.

We knew the core technology, UVC LED was a winner, as it is universally understood that ANY microbiological organism, virus, bacteria or protozoa was rendered inert by being bombarded with UVC photons in the range of 255-280 nanometers at a consistent dosage of 1000 milli joules per cubic centimeter.

The challenge to bring the product was two fold. Even though SARS-CoV-2 was “just another microbiological organism” to render inert from a purely scientific perspective. The stakes were just simply too high and the regulatory burden obviously strictand we needed data. The second challenge to prove was the medium that we wanted to offer the PearlSurface™ 24G9  for sale as a safe effective decontamination device for was N95 full face respirators, (FFR). Since they were, and still are, such a critical tool for Frontline health care workers in their battle waged to keep people with COVID healthy and alive.

The white papers quickly rolled out from around the world that demonstrated that, yes, SARS-CoV-2, from a decon perspective, was just another microbiological organism that we could kill in the PearlSurface™ 24G9  and we also learned that dosing an N95 mask for 20 minutes killed any microbiologicals present and that the treatment dose of UVC photons did not alter the form, fit or function of a respirator mask, that it could be safely reused after a 20 minute UVC treatment after even as many as 20 treatment cycles.

We were excited as this was game changing. A hospital, a clinic or an extended care home with PearlSurface™ 24G9   on site could now turn their N95 supply up to 20x, overnight. Got 1000 masks in your inventory? Now you’ve got 20,000 available, today.

Pretty amazing stuff! Its important to consider that 20x UVC treatment of a mask for reuse is a lab perfect scenario likely difficult to duplicate in real life.  For example, any mask contaminated with body fluids or makeup or that was damaged in the process of putting it on or taking it off is not a able to be decontaminated and must be discarded.

We’ve found in real world practice that 5-8x UVC treatments per N95 FFR mask is what facilities are able to demonstrate. Still, pretty darn amazing. An inventory of 100 or 1000 N95 FFR masks now becomes a secured inventory of 800 or 8000, overnight, with the purchase of a PearlSurface™ 24G9  unit.

The mechanics of the device are quite simple. It’s an aluminum box, with a hinged door and a locking handle that plugs into any 110 wall socket you’d plug a charger or a toaster into. There are nine UVC luminaires distributed throughout the interior of the device that deliver the UVC photons to bombard the moicrobiologicals as well as a specially designed insert for N95 masks.

Remove the insert and you’ve got room enough inside the 24-inch-wide chamber (hence the model nr. 24 inches wide & 9 luminaires strong) for a laptop computer, a tablet, a keyboard, a mouse, key fobs, name badges, remotes, chargers makeup cases, game controllers.

Virtually anything that you have in your work, office, personal or families environment that could be considered a high touch item (that isn’t organic, sodden or soiled) can be fitted inside the eight inch high and eight inch deep chamber for a UVC decon treatment.

PearlSurface™ 24G9  fits neatly on a counter top or a shelf, and place N95 FFR masks or a computer in the chamber, close and lock the door (won’t operate if unlocked) set the timer, and press start. In minutes your items are decontaminated of any live microbiological organism that can make you sick.  SARS-CoV-2, legionella, strep, bacteria any live organism on that item has now had its RNA/DNA distorted and has been rendered inert and unable to reproduce. Which means it cannot enter a host (you) and reproduce itself millions of times and make you sick. Simple as that.

Once the timer is complete. Simply open the door and your item is ready now for reuse. A mask or a stapler your phone or a tablet. Instantly safe and ready for reuse. The PearlSurface™ 24G9 is a one of a kind proudly Made in America and offered with a full 24 month warranty with 90, 000 hours of life in the luminaire suite. More than enough to keep your family or team safe today and tomorrow.

We are immensely proud of the accomplishments made in these past few short months to bring such a critical device from the whiteboard to your home, office or Healthcare facility to be an integral part of your daily protocols.

An amazing job by everyone at Aquisense Technologies and we are lucky enough at Zeroaqua UVC to go to work every day to deliver such an amazing piece of integral technology to contribute in our small way in the victory over this pandemic.

August 23, 2020

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